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Read Green Building Solution's feature article on our ARCX Dome house in Greensburg, KS, here.

Builder In A Box kit is available onlinehere.

New ARCX dome kits available now! Clickhere.

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We are completing the Transition 29-9 ARCX building in Lawrence, KS. Follow the progress at our Mother Earth News Blog.

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SIPsmart founder, Michael Morley, wrote the definitive book of the SIP industry, “Building with Structural Insulated Panels”, Taunton Press.  Find out more by clicking on the cover


Welcome to SIPsmart Building Systems

At SIPsmart, we believe that architecture and building science can be integrated with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) to produce the best buildings ever built. The simplest and most effective way to combat global warming is to conserve the energy used to heat and cool buildings.  There is no better way to save energy than to construct the structural/thermal envelope of a building with SIPs.

SIPsmart Building Systems is the most experienced SIP company in the Midwest. We offer professional design, engineering and installation services. SIPsmart can take your residential or commercial project from concept to completion.  Our SIP manufacturing partners use the latest in CAD/CAM technology and the just-in-time advantages of the CNC production method to offer a timely, high-performance product.

Our ARCX designs are a unique application of SIP technology and advanced geodesics to produce domes or hybrids like nothing else on the market.  Click on the ARCX button (above) to see more about this revolutionary patent pending design revolution.


ARCX Home - Click here to see the CBS News coverage.

Rock Ledge Curve Residence

TTH_home.jpgHigh Performance, Affordable ARCX Project in Lawrence, Kansas

Hear Meg Retersdorf talk about her SIPsmart home.

SIPsmart Butterfly Getaway Home - Click here for more information